We Put Our Commitment on the Safety, Compliance and Quality of Our Products and Services

leaves-aLonghi General Trading, part of the Longhi Group International, is a trader company that was established in UAE. We are recognized as a world leading industry innovator, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products of Smoking Cabins, Activated Carbon and Briquettes or Hookah.

We thrive by passion for creating a better environment and life quality with professionalism, dedication and consistency and as a growing corporation we put emphasis on our Corporate Social Responsibility (CST) which stipulates our commitment to being both ECO-and PEOPLE-friendly our commitment is to never compromise on the safety, compliance and quality of our products and services.

Martin Longhi

Breathe cleaner and healthier air everywhere

AirSolution360 is a new brand of the Danish Longhi Group that develops and manufactures Air Purifiers with the highest technical and selected quality. Longhi Group has the knowledge and resources to deliver the best quality products as we have 20 years of experience in air filtration and purification system.

One of our missions is to provide pure and fresh air, cleaner and healthier air environment to our customers worldwide.

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Grilling with a conscience

PT. Cavron Global, part of the Danish Longhi Group, is well-established eco-friendly by-product briquettes manufacturer. We are committed and know for producing and supplying high-quality products and provide services in customizeparameters such as size, density, moisture levels and making private labels and packaging to our customers worldwide.

Our streamlined BSCI-certified (The Business Social Comliance Initiative) production plant in Indonesia is manage by a European team working directly together with our local employees in our eco-friendly production based on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management systems.

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Steam Activated Carbon Media without Chemicals

Cocarb Solution, a part of the Danish Longhi Group is specialized in producing superior quality steam activated carbon and activated carbon filters. As a manufacturer of both activated carbon media and filters, we fully control the quality of the activated carbon media used in our filters, and we customise it to the filters’ specific use. In our activated carbon factory, our charcoal products are primarily manufactured from naturally grown coconut shells.

We supply a variety of wood, coal and coconut shell standard and customised grades of steam activated carbon for different applications. All our steam activated carbon is avaible as powder, granulate and pellets and can be customised to meet specific application specifications.

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